About Meraki Studio and Laura Escott

Meraki: the name comes from modern Greek and signifies pouring heart, soul, and creativity into what you do. A word that captures the essence and vision of Laura’s sanctuary-style studio in Pittsburgh’s dynamic Strip District, where her team provides classes for all levels in a variety of energizing methods.

For more than ten years, Laura has committed heart and soul to inspiring holistic, healthful lives. From Pilates, to dance-influenced and intensive body shaping BarreAmped workouts (of which she is a Master Trainer), to low-impact, high adrenaline Bounce trampoline classes. Meraki helps clients forge a connection between mind and body, physicality and emotion, through the challenge and exertion of movement.

Laura is a Master Trainer and earned her BarreAmped certification under creator Suzanne Bowen; she has also designed Rebounding classes unique to Meraki. Her credentials include being a Comprehensive Certified Pilates instructor as well as PMA recognized.

After years of training clients in fitness, barre and Pilates, studying the body, movement, and mentoring, Laura opened Meraki Studio’s doors in 2016 offering clients a space to not only create healthy toned bodies but to connect with one’s self on a deeper emotional level.

The benefits of Meraki are limitless as each class exhilarates the body, restores the mind, and renews the spirit. Laura delivers her philosophy to Meraki every day, reminding us that through movement one can achieve, maintain, and practice a healthful and balanced lifestyle.