What is Meraki?

Meraki [may-rah-kee]: doing something with total love and pure soul. Leaving a little piece of yourself in your creative work.

Meraki Studio was created with a vision of connecting to movement in a holistic way. By incorporating each class into your weekly routine you will achieve a balanced, full body workout through cardio that is enjoyable and a unique movement style that strengthens and stretches you in more ways than one.

Meraki Philosophy: We believe that overall wellness and fitness are not separate but should be embraced as one. We believe movement should be a celebration of what our bodies can do and not punish them. Move with intention.

Movement Experiences: The workouts. Our workouts are created to support and work the whole body as well as engage our mind. We have created workouts that are not only physically effective but mentally engaging as well. Each class is strategically designed purposefully to attain optimal results in whole body and health longevity. 
All of the classes support one another and we encourage you to learn, master, repeat BST and RS throughout the week. This not only targets specific body and mental focuses, builds strength, stamina, sharpens the brain but also avoids plateaus and stagnant energy. We encourage you to intuitively choose your workouts.

Who is Laura Breen Escott?

Laura is a seasoned mover and expert fitness instructor who values holistic health and wellness. After many years of studying the body, mentoring, and training clients in fitness, BarreAmped® and Pilates, Laura decided to open Meraki Studio’s doors. Since 2016, Meraki Studio has offered clients a space to not only participate in group fitness classes that strengthen and tone the body but also to provide balance and help to connect the mind, body and soul. You may first enter the studio to try out a Bounce Cardio class on rebounders (yes, trampolines!) but you’ll stay for the carefully crafted classes and electric energy.

“If you want a kick-ass workout that is thoughtfully designed to tone and sculpt your body, then I highly recommend Meraki! Laura and her team are amazing and so are their playlists! I’ve been going back for a couple of years and keep going back for more because the workouts are effective.”

— Chelidha, Member